Managing Applications

As a recruiting Organization you'll be receiving Applications for your Volunteer Positions. It's your duty to Receive or Decline Applications in a timely manner - so Volunteers aren't waiting too long to hear back!

  1. Ensure your account has the "Recruiting Volunteers" or the "Both" Interest.
  2. Please select your Organization from the "My Organizations" dropdown.
  3. Navigate to the Positions Tab, and open up your Position
  4. Navigate to the Applications Tab to see your Applications

Administrating an Application

You'll likely have recieved an email letting you know you have a new Application. The email contains a bunch of details, but you can also review the Application online, following the steps above.

By using the Actions dropdown you can View the Application, or view the Volunteer Profile, and get to know the Volunteer prior to making a decision

Receive/Declining Application

Once you've come to a decision please open the Volunteer Position from the Actions dropdown and locate the Receive or Decline buttons.

Click the button that applies, and leave a short message for the Volunteer. Note: This message IS shared with the Volunteer.

Rinse and Repeat!

You'll want to continue this process until:

  1. You have filled all open positions: Once you've filled all applications, the system will automatically close the Volunteer Position, and you're free to begin communicating with your Volunteers about the particulars.
  2. You have recruited enough for your liking: If you've recruited enough Volunteers, you may want to Close applications, and move on with your current pool of Volunteers.
  3. The day of the Position has arrived: In the event that you were'nt able to recruit enough Volunteers, the Volunteer Position automatically closes on the Day Of.

I'm Done Recruiting, Now What?

Congratulations! Now that you have a stable of Volunteers for your Position, and the Volunteer Position has been closed by any of the three methods above, you're recruitment process with Greater Saint John Volunteer Connector is complete!

You'll receive an email with a list of your recruited Volunteers, and from this stage you may connect with them via your preferred means. From this stage onwards they're in your hands.


Upon completion of the Volunteer Position, we kindly ask that you log into Greater Saint John Volunteer Connector and leave a short thank-you note, and review your Volunteers. The review process is quick, and gives valuable feedback to Volunteers, and helps them build a strong Volunteer Profile.

Simply locate the Volunteer's Application, and find the "Review" Tab. A small form will be presented, asking:

  1. If the Volunteer attended
  2. The total hours volunteered (approx is okay)
  3. You to leave a short thank you message

Your review in its entirety is shared with the Volunteer, but is not visible to anyone else.

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