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About StudyPages:

Study Pages provides a free platform for everyone across Canada to gain and develop new or existing skills. We are first to provide free tutoring, with individualized teaching and resources to learners of any age group. StudyPages exists to support and help learners achieve their goals. What sets us apart is our team of professionals and our free online tutoring. Our services are exceptional in the following ways: - Free services in a variety of subjects/areas according to the needs of the individual - Individualized services, based on personalized evaluation of each learner and according to their needs, strengths and learning style. - One to one live individual and review sessions where learning is proactive and interactive. - Updated and professional online resources prepared for learners. - Scheduling of sessions and choice of available tutors. - Provision of a safe and inclusive learning environment so that the process becomes easier and comfortable for learners.

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We are a project supporting communities across Canada with free online tutoring for skill development.

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