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About Outreach360:

Outreach360 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Serve Virtually ~ Impact Globally Here's How We Do It: A 360° Approach! Our Virtual Impact Program connects volunteers from across the globe with students throughout Latin America, who attend our after-school Virtual English Academy free of charge. Together, volunteers and students bridge cultures digitally and inspire and empower each other to reach their potential.

Our Mission:

To inspire and empower people to reach their full potential and give back by expanding educational, leadership, and service opportunities.

How You Can Support Us:

Volunteers are at the heart of our organization, which is why we strive to make it easy to get involved and start making a difference immediately! Serve Outreach360 Virtual English Academy students from across Latin America! As a virtual volunteer, you'll be supported 100% of the way. We'll provide you with orientation and training, curriculum and materials, and guidance to maximize your impact. We have VIRTUAL opportunities for teenagers, young adults, and professionals to volunteer in different roles in our Virtual English Academy.

Causes Supported:

Children & Youth Computers & Technology Education & Literacy International Children & Youth Computers & Technology Education & Literacy International