The Shoebox Project for Women

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The Shoebox Project for Women

About The Shoebox Project for Women:

The Shoebox Project for Women collects and distributes gift-filled Shoeboxes to women impacted by homelessness in communities across Canada and the US. Each thoughtfully created and decorated Shoebox is filled with items to enhance self-esteem and reduce feelings of isolation for women in need.

Our Mission:

The mission of The Shoebox Project for Women is to foster empathy and compassion at the community level, and to reduce the social isolation and exclusion of local women impacted by homelessness.

How You Can Support Us:

We rely on volunteers to act as Local Chapter Coordinators within cities and regions throughout Canada. The primary role of a Local Coordinator is to identify shelters and community agencies supporting women; identify suitable Shoebox drop-off locations within the community; promote the drive to your community; and inspect and deliver Shoeboxes to the agencies in a timely manner primarily during the holiday season.

Causes Supported:

Homeless & Housing Women Homeless & Housing Women