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Address 199 Chesley Drive,

Helping our Marketing Committee develop, plan and execute a number of fundraising and informational initiatives.

  • Background Check Required
  • Saint John - 199 Chesley Drive
  • Saint John, NB
  • Starting Immediately
  • 3-6hrs / month
  • 5 Spots Available of 6
  • Suitable For: Adults (18+)

Dates and Times

We have no set schedule for volunteers. There is a Marketing/Volunteer meeting once per month for an hour. Aside from that, hours are usually on an "event execution" basis. (Typically 3-6 hours)

Required Qualifications

Criminal background check is required. Gentle Path can provide a letter for this.

Position Responsibilities

- Queen Square Farmers Market Booth - Ribfest Booth - Weekly Charity BBQ - Gala & Auction - AGM (Annual General Meeting)

Volunteer Benefits

These positions are vital to Gentle Path's mandate of providing hope and healing through professional counselling services regardless of financial means. Every event we host directly helps people in our community get the mental health care they need.