Greater Saint John Volunteer Connector

Greater Saint John Volunteer Connector

If you're a volunteer looking to connect with peers, support a cause you believe in, meet new people, or grow your experience, our database of volunteer positions and organizations can help you find the perfect fit.

A branch of the Community Foundation, we help you organize your volunteer recruitment and help you connect with volunteers who share your vision and meet your goals - all while empowering you with the tools you need!

Greater Saint John Volunteer Connector

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Find the perfect volunteer position for you. We have positions from many organizations, and we'll help you find the perfect one for your skills and interests. Now is the time to pitch in!

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Looking for some help with your next event, non-profit, or festival? We understand finding that special Volunteer can be a huge task, we aim to make it simple. Find your perfect match!

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How does it work?

Organizations post Volunteer Positions

Any organization looking for Volunteers can post available positions to their profile. They can fill those positions from interested Volunteer Applications.

Volunteers Apply

Volunteers are matched up to Volunteer positions based on their skills and interests, and can submit Applications to any volunteer position.

Making Volunteer Recruitment Easy

And that's it! We match up active and interested Volunteers to positions that they will find meaningful, making it as simple as possible for both!

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