YMCA of Greater Saint John

Local Community - Saint John, NB
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Alt Phone506-646-2396
Email r.peters@saintjohny.ca
Website https://saintjohny.ymca.ca/
Address 191 churchill Blvd, Saint John, NB

First Friend

YMCA of Greater Saint John
Local Community

The First Friend initiative is designed to create a natural, unique friendship with your newcomer match while assisting them in adjusting to life in Canada and encouraging them to become independent

  • Background Check Required
  • Saint John - 191 churchill Blvd
  • Saint John, NB
  • Starting Immediately
  • 0-1hrs / month
  • 6 Spots Available of 7
  • Suitable For: All Ages

This Position has an accompanying Application Form:

0. Volunteer Package.pdf

Dates and Times

Minimum 6 month commitment. We recommend two hours of visit time per week.

Required Qualifications


Position Responsibilities

• Attend orientation and training session for volunteers. • Introduce the newcomer to the city of Saint John and some of the resources it has to offer through guided tours or visits throughout the city. • Offer support and guidance in learning to shop for groceries and other common needs. • Offer the newcomer an opportunity to regularly practice his or her English in an informal setting. • Take time to learn and understand the culture and values of the newcomer while simultaneously teaching an appreciation for Canadian traditions and values. • Introduce the newcomer to social and recreational activities. • Some activities include but are not limited to: share meals, go for walks or to the park, attend free events around the city, explore the history that Saint John has to offer. • There is no fiscal responsibility that comes with this role. • Encourage Newcomers to be independent whenever possible and allow them to learn and grow from the choices they make.

Volunteer Benefits

A unique experience to create a natural friendship with a Newcomer family. A lifelong friendship will be made along with memories that will last a lifetime.